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Abdominal pain is the most common symptom that brings the patient to the doctor. Causes of abdominal pain have many causes. The big cause is that local pain is caused by the internal organs of the abdomen. And the cause of the abdominal organs.

For local pain is caused by the internal organs of the abdomen, including gastritis, biliary tract diseases, gallstones, liver diseases such as liver tumors, liver abscess, pancreatic diseases. For example, pancreatitis, intestinal diseases such as intestinal inflammation, abnormal bowel movements, appendicitis, colorectal cancer, osteoporosis. There are many which can cause stomach pain. In addition, the disease in the urinary tract and diseases specific to women can cause abdominal pain.

The local pain is caused by the external organs of the abdomen. Extrinsic organs can cause abdominal pain. It can be misleading that it comes from a disease within the abdomen. Important Pneumonia, pleurisy, myocardial infarction Found in middle-aged patients may have pain. Upper abdominal cramps, upper esophagus inflammation Even the skin on the abdomen can cause severe abdominal pain. Such as shingles, there is a burning pain in the abdomen before clear. Occurs at the abdomen.

In conclusion, it can be seen that abdominal pain is a symptom that is caused by many diseases, we can divide the area of abdominal pain into 9 parts.

1. The right side is the liver and gall bladder. Symptoms are often hit with solid lumps together with jaundice yellow eyes, which presumably can be a disease of the liver or gall bladder such as hepatitis, liver abscess, gall bladder inflammation.

2. Under the tongue is the stomach, liver, pancreas and ligaments. If the pain is regular, hungry or full time. May be a gastric disease. If severe pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting. May be pancreatitis. If the flesh is solid and large, it may mean that the liver is enlarged. Usually ligaments

The right side is the spleen, which often fills the meat.

The right lobe is the kidney, kidney, large intestine, if the pain with defecation abnormal or bloody. It may be because of inflammation of the colon. If it hurts to the thigh. May be kidney stones. If pain is associated with back pain, fever, chills, turbidity, urine may be kidney inflammation, and if the flesh lumps may be abnormal renal or colorectal tumors.

5. Around the navel is the small intestine, often found in diarrhea or appendicitis. If you have a stomach ache in the stomach, it may be because the bowel abnormalities.

The left lung is the kidney, kidney, large intestine (same as Article 4).

The right abdomen is an appendicitis, uterus and cervical spondylitis. Crack the thigh It may be because there are stones in the kidney cone. If pain persists all the time. Then hurts a lot. An appendicitis. If the pain with high fever, chills, vaginal discharge, often because the uterus inflammation. And if it fleshy meat. May be an abnormal cyst or ovary.

8. The abdomen is the bladder and uterus. If pain, urination or photosynthesis. Usually due to bladder inflammation. Or bladder in the bladder. If the menstrual pain. It is a menstrual pain. But in chronic pain in married women have no children. May be uterine tumors.

9. The left abdomen is the uterus and uterus. If the pain is tight and fractured to the thigh. Infertility in the kidney. If the pain is accompanied by fever, chills, vaginal discharge, because the uterus. Or if the pain with defecation. It may be because of inflammation of the colon. If the lump is found with Constipation on a regular basis. Probably a tumor in the intestine.

Source: Asst Prof. Dr. Thanyadej Nimmanavutpong (Chief Medical Technologist, ASIT), http://www.phyathai.com/medicalcenterdetail_article/4/267/PYT1/